1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception

under 5 tons per hour processing

Perfect Balance: Sorting for quality with speed

Many wineries want to sort to eliminate unwanted bunches, berries and other MOG. We have a full line of equipment that delivers incremental volume (.25 to 5 tons per hour) control for grape receiving, hand sorting and conveyance to destemmer and optical sorter to maximize quality outcome.

Under 5 Tons Per Hour Processing Grape Reception Equipment

Flexible and compact system enables effective sorting with fewer workers.


Cluster or grape sorting has to be efficient as well as effective. Efficiency means full bin dumps, sorting quickly, and processing at consistent tons-per-hour rates. Effective means getting the MOG and unwanted fruit out easily. P&L equipment has capacity, flexibility, flow control and best-in-industry sorting capability.


P&L equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly with all of the popular destemmers and optical sorters. We can also customize as needed to fit specific delivery height, length specifications, as well as flow rates.


All crushpads are different. That is why P&L equipment is adaptable and easily movable. Whether it is configuration issues such as line length, access to utilities or off-season storage issues, we can make it work.