Sort it out: making a great
wine depends on proper sorting
of clusters and berries.
The Ultimate Sorting Table™ is
your best tool for this crucial step.
The wide belt surface promotes efficient sorting;
deep 4"side rails make a more comfortable
and ergonomic working experience
Built-in LED lighting
illuminates the work surface


Our new sorting table earns its designation as “ultimate.” Our 30 years building sorting equipment and feedback from fine wineries around the world have resulted in this versatile unit. A full 36″ wide, the Ultimate Sorting Table™ is ideal for sorting whole clusters before destemming, or destemmed berries on their way to the Must Vessel™ or pump. It is designed specifically to function with automated MOG removal systems such as P&L’s LT™ MOG Remover and optical sorting machines. Most importantly, it is designed to work with people: the machine is easy and comfortable to use, includes LED lighting for easy tracking, and easy to clean at the end of the busy day.

  • Built-in work surface lighting

  • Improved belt design for easier cleaning

  • Ozone- and UV-resistant premium food-grade belting for added longevity

  • Stainless steel tapered tail pulley for stable belt tracking

  • Stainless steel NEMA 4X and UL-listed electronics enclosure

  • Emergency stop control on both sides for safety and quality control

  • Variable-frequency drive speed controllers

  • Belt scraper to remove passed-over material

  • Stainless steel 6″ swivel casters with brakes

  • 8′ and 12′ long models

  • Standard 36″ wide belt

  • 47″ wide x 51″ tall

Operation Manual
Product Brochure

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