THE OLT™ (Optical Le Trieur) MOG REMOVER

Banish MOG: Eliminate unwanted
material, saving labor and maximizing
the performance of your optical sorter
The wide bed enables flow of evenly
spread berries from the destemmer
Patented wedge wire screen
removes MOG with minimal clogging.
The square screen can be positioned
parallel with or perpendicular to the flow of berries
The OLT™ delivers berries evenly,
maximizing optical sorter effectiveness

THE OLT™ (Optical Le Trieur) MOG REMOVER

Designed expressly to mate with optical sorters, the OLT™ (Optical Le Trieur) MOG Remover works downstream from your destemmer, gently removing shot berries, stem jacks, raisins and other materials. Unwanted MOG (Material-Other-than-Grape) falls through a wedge-wire screen while whole ripe berries pass onward evenly, without clumping, for effective optical sorting.

Superior to standard vibratory tables, the OLT’s gentle elliptical motion allows for a greater range of processing speeds. Sort to your fruit variety and/or specific conditions at .25 tons/hour to 6 tons/hour. (For MOG separation and de-juicing at higher speeds, see our LT™ 2+2.)

U.S. Patent #7,581,646

  • Innovative, patented design

  • Juice collection

  • Removable wedge-wire screens in two sizes for fine control

  • Adjustable-height frame legs

  • Convenient 25′ tethered pendant control

  • Easy to clean

  • NEMA 4X and UL-listed electronics enclosure

  • Fabricated entirely from stainless steel

  • Footprint: 90″x 45″

  • Height customizable per your application

  • Bed 36″

  • Adaptable to your site voltage

Operation Manual
Product Brochure

1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception Equipment – Over 5 Tons Per Hour Processing