Ramble on: Dump 1/2 ton bins
and gently and evenly meter the
clusters onto your sorting table
Food-grade star rollers allow
for even metering of whole
grape clusters
25’ tethered control
with speed adjustment
makes operation simple


Whole cluster handling has never been easier. The revolutionary Consista- Hopper™ evenly and gently meters whole clusters onto the sorting table at your desired speed. Set the pace of your crush pad and reduce issues downstream. Bin dumping has never been faster: the large receiving hopper handles an entire half-ton bin all at once, while making your crushpad and its operators more efficient. The Consista-Hopper™ will integrate with most current lines and shorten the footprint.

  • Process up to 8 tons/hour
  • Adjustable for cluster size
  • Half-ton reception hopper
  • Adjustable to fit over belted or vibratory sorting tables
  • VFD speed control
  • Lockable swivel casters for portability
  • Easy-to-sanitize design
  • Footprint: 60″ x 55″
  • Height customizable to your application
  • Hopper: 60″ x 66″ x 30″ tall
  • Adaptable to your site voltage
Operation Manual
Product Brochure

1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception Equipment – Under 5 Tons Per Hour Processing