Optimum cluster delivery:
Eliminate fruit damage
and improve destemmer
Shown with optional
1/2 ton receiving hopper
Internal belt scraper
eliminates product
buildup on pulleys


The destemmer is the work horse of the crush line, and its critical partner is the Consista-Flow™ conveyor. It delivers clusters evenly at a consistent speed, set by you so the destemmer is never overfilled. The result: fewer un-destemmed clusters, jack and stem pieces and less damaged fruit.

  • Adjustable discharge height range

  • Sealed sump for juice management

  • Internal drive pulley for durability and superior speed range control

  • Ozone + UV resistant food-grade belting material for longevity and cleanliness

  • Stainless steel dual-tapered pulleys for stable belt tracking

  • NEMA 4X and UL-listed electronics enclosure

  • Stainless steel 6″ lockable swivel casters

  • Hinged inspection pan for cleaning access

  • Easy-to-sanitize design

  • Optional reception hopper, capacity customizable to your needs

  • Conveyor 18″ wide

  • Bed length and discharge height can be customized to fit application need

  • Adjustable discharge height range from 74″-154″

  • Adaptable to your site voltage

Operation Manual
Product Brochure

1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception Equipment – Under 5 Tons Per Hour Processing