Cluster handling mastered:
the Cluster Thruster™ gently conveys
whole clusters without clumping, for sorting
at the highest tons/hr. of any system
The motor and elliptical
cam drive system
are simple to operate
and maintain
The heavy-duty receiving hopper
(seen here with optional bunch spreader)
accommodates one ton of grapes at a time


The P&L Cluster Thruster™ is designed to handle 1⁄2-ton Macro Bin processing at “dump and run” speeds. Even with full bin dumps, whole clusters are gently and evenly conveyed forward with elliptical action to your sorting table, destemmer or pump. The Cluster Thruster™ gently conveys product at high tonnage while preventing shear and fruit loss. The variable-speed control can process at rates up to 20 tons per hour and allow your crushpad operators greater efficiency. Finally! You have control of the pace of your crushpad while reducing downstream challenges.

  • NEMA 4X and UL-listed electronics enclosure

  • Convenient 25′ tethered pendant control

  • Fabricated entirely from stainless steel

  • Cross-braced support base to be anchored to concrete slab

  • Optional patented wedge-wire screens for juice collection, U.S. Patent #7,581,646

  • Order as part of a complete crushpad or integrate into an existing system

  • Grape hopper: 50° flared sides; 5′-6″ wide at top

  • 240/480-3-60 wash down inverter duty drive motor

  • Adaptable to your site voltage

Operation Manual
Product Brochure

1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception Equipment – Over 5 Tons Per Hour Processing