1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception

under 5 tons per hour processing



In the 1990’s a few well regarded consulting winemakers came to P&L Specialties with their frustrations and a challenge. They had a vision on how to make even better wines and their goal was frustrated by grape sorting on the crushpad. They wanted us to invent equipment that would facilitate optimal sorting. They needed more efficiency. The ability to process up to five tons per hour rather than struggling to handle one ton. Half ton bins and 35lbs lugs were the standard for delivery. Accommodating both, compounded the work to receive, sort and convey efficiently. They knew they could still make their best wines processing more tons per hour. P&L Specialties responded with innovative sorting tables and MOG removal equipment specifically designed for wine grapes. That new portable crushpad equipment added significantly more control over grape sorting as well as flexibility and processing capacity up to 5 tons per hour.

By the mid 2000’s the Industry had figured out what these visionaries were up to and saw firsthand the quality increases that were achieved and the ability to truly craft the results on the crush pad with these new tools. Naturally many wineries decided that they too wanted to “sort”. The problem was that many of these wineries were processing at speeds much faster than the “Up to 5 Tons Per Hour” designs could keep up with. So out of necessity was born the “Over 5 Tons Per Hour” processing speed generation of sorting equipment. This innovative machinery brought fruit sorting and all that goes with it to wineries that never before could have imagined sorting their fruit.

So whether your process at 1 ton per hour or 20 tons per hour P&L Specialties has the equipment you need to get the results you desire. This is why we separate our Equipment into the categories of “Under 5 Tons Per Hour Processing”, and “Over 5 Tons Per Hour Processing”.

1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception Equipment – Under 5 Tons Per Hour Processing

1/2 Ton Bin Grape Reception Equipment – Over 5 Tons Per Hour Processing