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Manufacturing the Finest Stainless Steel Equipment MAS Presses

P&L Specialties is a design, engineering, fabrication and service company that has been producing the highest quality stainless steel equipment & aluminum structures since 1984. We design, build, integrate and support equipment in many service applications. We believe that value is a combination of quality, service and price. As you get to know us and our products, you will discover that we truly understand and respond to the unique needs of our clients.

New P&L Product Release!

NEW Releases from P&L Specialties!

Cluster Thruster: The Cluster-Thruster™ gently and efficiently motivates and evenly meters the flow of whole clusters forward to the destemmer, sorting line, presses or pump with no "hand-holding." A real labor and time saver; just dump your bins and go. There is no screw or auger, so, no shearing whatsoever.. (learn more!)

Cluster Thruster

Waterjet Cutting Services: Our OMAX CNC waterjet cutting machine is available for contract cutting jobs. We’re experienced in working with a wide variety of materials for a broad range of applications. (learn more!)

waterjet cutting

Consista-Flow: Whole Cluster Destemmer Feed Conveyor delivers a HUGE improvement in grape processing quality. Eliminates smashed grapes, undestemmed clusters, excessive jack and stem piece production caused by over feeding and uneven feeding of the destemmer. (learn more!)


Consista-Hopper: This revolutionary hopper design allows dumping of half-ton bins of whole clusters all at once. The Consista-Hopper™ evenly meters clusters onto the sorting table at your desired sorting speed.(learn more!)


LT™(Le Trieur™): As featured in recent Wines & Vines, Wine Business Monthly, and Practical Winery & Vineyard Management magazines’ New Products Sections; “Le Trieur™ means a giant leap forward in the quality of must going to your fermenters!” (learn more!)

LT MOG sorter

LT™(Le Trieur™)2+2: Higher capacity, longer table with 2x the unique wedge wire sorting screens. In LT™2+2 machine harvested fruit trials in Washington and Oregon this season we saw dramatic reduction of shot berries, petioles, and unripe green seeds in the must. (learn more!)

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